Sunday, December 14, 2008

I want to make a difference.

You know I recently mentioned musing over the year and my passion for learning new things. I think my list was shortened this year primarily due to the fact that I had a new job and a ton to learn in that space...and the fact that I basically spent the summer floating around the pool with a book. ;)

Anyway I've reviewed and refreshed my financial plan for '09 and set some bad-ass goals there. Some of the new stuff I did in 2008 included:
  • Becoming a certified Project Management Professional
  • Learning to re-screen windows and patch walls
  • Murdering a dozen fish...not intentionally of course
  • Being in a fashion show
  • Camping in the backyard with a campfire & Smores
  • Fostering a litter of 5 puppies
  • Fostering a heartworm positive pup that went on to a great new home
  • I started on Freecycle
  • Caught Bumblebees in my hand (without being stung)
  • But I did get stung for the 1st time by a jellyfish
  • I went Go-Karting
  • Grass-tubing
  • and attended our last Richmond Braves Games
  • I also went Black Friday shopping for the first time
  • and taught myself to knit.
  • Miss Layla and Sprout learned some cool new trick too like roll over & Hi-5

I was perusing the internet today, being bored since I let my kids take over the tv...and saw a pup with an "Urgent" need. I called and the pup was all good and in a new home. I expected that to be that but they began talking about other dogs after hearing my offer to foster and my experience with Mr Jasper Sausage...Looks like I'll have a new foster this week. He is a boxer/pit mix who's about a year and a half and had a very rough start on life. He was chained to a building and abandoned. The rescue group did have an embedded collar removed and they say it's healed nicely. He's heart worm positive and since his case is severe like our last fosters he'll need some special care. He sounds like a very smart cookie already knowing basic commands like sit, stay, tummy rub, down and shake...He reportedly is good with kids and dogs though we don't know so much about kitties. They'll do a home visit on me and then it looks like he'll join us Wednesday...

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