Monday, November 3, 2008

Eternal Praise of Thrift Stores...

Perhaps it satisfies my nosiness, but I love digging through a thrift shop. We went to Goodwill in Carytown the other day (the good one) with the kids (teensonly) and bought C a new, beautiful comforter for her bed for less than $20. Gotta love it...I've been craving new living room furniture. Wanting a new look, and not like I wish someday...Like "lets stop by the furniture store", "let's shop online"..."How soon will I have a bonus?" So here's the tag...
I had just combed through Haynes the other day wondering how I could totally redo my living room, or at least make it feel that way on my shoestring budget. J accused me of being unrealistic and wanting furniture that was "too girly" at every turn. C fussed I didn't like comfortable furniture. And Steven prayed he could be left in a good recliner to take a nap. I didn't buy anything of course, but did walk away with ideas...Then on a whim and my day off I dropped in the local church thrift store this morning...Not really knowing why or expecting to find anything...I got this chair for less than$200!!
It was priced so high because a local store custom ordered it for a customer who decided against it. When they couldn't sell it they donated it and since it had been there awhile and I was there bright and early asking for a better price - after sitting in it awhile, they agreed to sell it for more than $400 less than they were asking for it a mere 2 weeks ago!!! Yay me! Here's a better shot of the fabric:
Now all I need is coordinating slipcovers for the love seat and other big chair and I'm in business...Oh, and to get rid of the sofa...Anyone want to buy it? ;)

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