Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"The Best Day Ever"

I am pleased to say I heard this every day of Spring Break while the kids were with me. They stayed with their Dad Monday/Tuesday and then I was off work and had them through the weekend. I took them to the DC Zoo and they loved it. They found bamboo on the ground, saw all the animals they could have hoped for and we stayed until they closed. We stopped for dinner on the way home and it was declared the best day ever...

The next day was 80 degrees (always welcomed by my family) so I turned down the temp on the hot tub (for safety and comfort) and told them they could stay in as long as they liked. It was reminiscent of summer and the "swam" for 6 hours. Kirt cut the grass for me too since I'm still waiting on my new lawnmower and the grass was up to the dog's knees! I also agreed to camping in the back yard and a bonfire with smores...This entailed erecting the tent in the yard, pulling out sleeping bags and using our fire bowl, but it was again declared the best day ever...In the morning I heard it was the best night ever.

They spent more time in the hot tub and we went shopping for plants. They "helped" me put out 8 new bushes and loved every minute of it. Z figured out how to swing on her own without being pushed and KJ did "tricks" for me too. After baths it was the best day ever...We managed to find time for haircuts and spending a day at the Irish Festival, we had a movie night and many more small events. I really am glad they enjoyed themselves so much and was flattered every time they told me it was the best day ever. LOL

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