Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I did. My Pampered Chef party went very well and I'll keep it open for orders through Thursday. I think Sprout should officially have his own Fan Club now...When my family comes they all want to love on and play with him. My Mom's dog thinks he is the best thing going. People fall all over him when we are out in public. Company falls in love with him and one of the girls I met at my party kept insisting that she'd like to take him home, put a big bow on his neck and sit him next to the Easter baskets...Guess she can't appreciate what he'd do to the candy, or she didn't care. If he is featured in the calendar this year I'll have to let folks know so they too can own a piece of him forever...lol

Easter was great. Janice did the potatoes and omelets, we tag-teamed the bacon and I made a fresh fruit tart, fruit salad, Mimosas, put out croissants and Brie, my parents brought ham, we had an egg hunt, played ball and blew bubbles all while visiting with the fam.

And yesterday I made the BEST EVER egg salad and chicken salad...The twist on the chicken salad was adding the fresh diced yellow, orange and red peppers and diced onion. Delicious!

Anyway, I included some pics (including my new roof). I still don't know why my cell phone camera is so dark now, but the 1st below is Sprout pulling out every dog toy we own. The 2nd is once he and Layla settled down...Enjoy and send all Sprout Fan Mail c/o me. :)

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