Friday, December 7, 2007

Ready for the weekend.

Hmmm...My phone camera is all jacked up. I have no idea why my pics are so fuzzy now but am open to all suggestions on fixing it.

Anyway, I'm not really a morning person. I appear to be one when I get up without an alarm and for my kids but when they aren't home I am my normal quiet self and prefer to be left alone. The dogs were very happy to see me this morning as if I'd been gone forever but I wasn't feeling very warm to their fun and games. Janice called them over and asked them if they were good dogs. She then went on to tell them she was Cesar Milan and should appreciate her calm assertive energy...and on and on. They sat there politely listening and were so relieved once they finally got their cookie. I was so cute I grabbed the camera.

We are heading to Ikea tomorrow. Janice promised to pick up a bed for a relative so I told the kids about our plans. I hope to get new curtains because mine are soooo faded. I love my big bay window but it takes a hard toll on any curtains except those that are white or lined. KJ was not thrilled and asked for clarification on where we were heading. I explained it as the place with the cool beds and the playland. His response: "Thank you, Lord!" He likes that store.

We had company coming over but they had to cancel so maybe we'll have a movie night and "camp out" in the living room. Should be a good weekend.

KJ had his football banquet last night...Bar-B-Q dinner, trophies and boys running wild. He got a bobble head trophy this year and I do wonder how long it will take the guy to lose his head - literally. I picked up last year's the other night when cleaning his room and was laughing at his condition...The guys been glued back on his base backwards, broken a leg, lost a hand. He's in rough shape.

Here's my last snow pic for now. It was pretty while it lasted but the snow didn't stay. I sure love watching it fall and to quote a friend I hope this year it snows a#@h*&e deep. The sleds I bought for Xmas came and I really want to use them!


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