Friday, November 2, 2007

The many faces of KJ

Quite frankly it hurts to type and the right hand is slow...I can use my fingers so and have graduated to a compression sock and physical therapy. You know, what's folks say is true...Therapy is not much fun. It's painful and all the swelling that went down came right back up. Oh well, 2 weeks down, 4 to go!
The kids had a great Halloween. They enjoyed my dressing up too. We hit G-ma's and the Church so I know have enough candy for several years. I told KJ he had to hurry because we only had 15 minutes to change so no making new costumes but that little bugger threw a new one together in 5 minutes. He is so clever...So far he's come up with and tried out a round the house the cowboy, black knight, a hockey player, 2 different wrestlers, football player and something else I can't remember...He just thinks about it for a few minutes and goes around the house borrowing what he needs and presto! I have a new person in my house. Z loved her little mermaid costume and wouldn't dream of being anything else of course. I was Britney, J was my court appointed visitation supervisor (yeah, that means she didn't dress up) and C was a cute witch.
KJ's last game is on Saturday as is the B-Day party and I am surprising them by renting a jumpy house...When the kids get tired the grownups can go next. Hopefully I get my car back, my house clean and my latest traffic ticket paid...Yep. I'm a busy girl. Somethings never change. :)

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