Monday, September 17, 2007

Wow. 10 days?

It's hard to believe I haven't posted in 10 days! That is a testament to just how busy I have been. I'll just hit some of the highlights though...

Cutest sayings form my kids this week? Zaria woke me up bright and early Saturday morning very surprised and concerned...I asked for the trouble and she informed me "something happened. The floors got cold last night." KJ lost his football game this weekend but walked up to me as I cheered them on from the sidelines and said "Mom, the gators (their team) are all dried up on the land. We just can't get wet." This was made funnier because he was so serious and just shaking his head.

The big news has been a "clean sweep" at my house. I've decided to rent out a room as I have a friend that can use it and I'm comfortable enough with her as are the kids to go ahead. It will be a win-win for both of us and we're all kind of excited de-cluttering the house. The plan is currently to have her move in by the holidays. I got bunk beds for my little ones and moved them into the playroom. They have their own TV now and inherited Chantal's dresser that was actually mine as a child. Everything matches nicely and came together very well. We thinned the toys and pulled out fall clothes too and managed to get them all set up this weekend.

KJ & Z had fun getting into and looking through things and KJ put together his new Halloween costume. I love having creative kids! :)

I moved Chantal upstairs for the sake of noise control and privacy for her and Janice but was concerned as she's downsizing...but I got an awesome deal at Ikea and she now has a new bedroom suite and is de-cluttering her stuff too. The good news is she gets the huge walk in closet and can hide much clutter there as she needs to.

Janice will take the large master bedroom upstairs so I next need to go through my stuff, make decisions and move my bed, dresser and computer downstairs...I got rid of the large old couch in the playroom and the extra monstrous computer desk I have had for years.

It's cool - I've wanted to do all this for awhile but not made the time or had the motivation...Now everything should be clean, neat and organized when the cool weather rolls in. Just as I like it.

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  1. I so need to de-clutter my house!! Good for you....maybe you will be my inspiration to get busy!