Monday, September 24, 2007

What a weekend...

And now it's Monday...all day long! ha ha

I dog sat this weekend for my Mom and had an extra visitor on Sunday so I dubbed the house "Motel 6" I had 6 dogs there who got to hang in the yard all day, but when i opened the back door is was like a herd running into the house. Crazy!

I made more progress on my fall cleaning and now only have about 6 laundry baskets of stuff to go through, the bookshelves and 2 closets. I tell ya, I'm sick of it but it will be nice to have it done with everything clean and in place before winter starts. I really slacked this summer, and didn't do major spring cleaning earlier this year so I am overdue.

KJ's football team lost their game Saturday so now they are 1 & 2. The thing I really liked though is that when he is with his team he is one of the guys that is cheering on his whole team, giving high fives and encouraging his friends. He does not like to lose but he does so very well for a 6 yr old. Last week a kid had a bad play and was so upset he was crying on the sidelines. KJ put his arm around his shoulder and talked to him to help him calm down. I am so proud of my little guy!

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