Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back to School and still on the move...

I moved my King Bed downstairs last night and due to having good help and adding screws (that were never originally put in as they should have been my bed sleeps better than ever! Yay me! All the dogs were excited and Chantal enjoyed hanging out with me on it too. Now I just have my dresser, pc and shelves to move, then I can settle all the details and declare myself done! :)

Due to all the time I spent on it though I missed the senior parent meeting...Oh well, she's graduating so I'm sure they'll send home I need know. I went to KJ's and was thrilled to hear that he's settling in wonderfully. He's making friends playing with many on the playground and remembering to raise his hand in class. She commented on how smart he is and that he is advanced in the language area. She gave an example of where he was talking about his "identity" and was able to clearly explain the concept to the class. He's been using the words "additionally" and "exceptionally" a lot lately too. I was very pleased to hear that she is so surprised to hear him carry on conversations that should be well above his level. I've been hearing the same about the 2 little ones at daycare too, but it's more impressive coming from a real teacher. Sadly homework starts next week. Hopefully he will once again prove to be the opposite of his sister and all will be fun and quick - Pray for me! ;)

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