Monday, November 12, 2012

Needs a New Year

My Dad passed away on August 20th. 
The memorial service was held here on the 5th of September.
We traipsed up to Vermont for the funeral the week of September 17th. 
 The following week my Uncle had a massive pulmonary embolism and was put on life support.
He died October 5th. 
We attended a family reunion the 8th. 
Dena went to the doctor and had a biopsy the following week and we attended my Uncle's memorial service.. 
We found out Dena has cancer and went to the next Doc on the 19th...
Tomorrow she gets a feeding tube inserted and all her pre-op for surgery on the 26th...
The plan is to remove all the cancer and get on with the business of living. 
If that plan does not work she will heal for 3 weeks and then undergo 6 weeks of daily chemo and radiation. 

I don't care about your race, creed, religion or lack thereof; whoever you pray to; however you lift a person up for healing; do so for Dena. We can't lose her too.

I am getting my sanity back day by day. She has a good prognosis and we have a plan to work.
I do think I was losing it for a minute. My home and work life were all a mess.
Things are still hard but looking up for sure.


  1. Anonymous11/13/2012

    Wishing you all the strength I could and hoping Dena gets through this as quickly as possible. It's just too much.

    I'm so very sorry about your father.

  2. oh Lilygirl...I did not know about Dena. I will of course lift her up in prayer and please know my thoughts are with you. It's a lot to handle, I know.