Monday, January 16, 2012

Off and Running in 2012

I am very happy to share with you that Oz finally got adopted! He has a wonderful family complete with his very own 11 yr old, dog buddy, mom and dad and huge fenced in yard. I sent him off with his conch shell yesterday.
You don't know about the conch shell? We collected some while in the Outer Banks (They are really large welks but the kids will hear none of that.) I had the youngest arrange them in the flower bed and after some trial and error Oz claimed one. He'd carry it around, dig a hole to put it in and take it out. He's throw it. He'd paw it. He'd bark at it. And every now and then he'd try to sneak it in the house. It was by fa his favorite toy here. I have no idea why. I thought he should have it though in his new home.

My mother's shoulder continues to mend and my grand baby is awesome. Due to colds and off schedules I haven't seem him but plan to rectify that soon. My dad is fighting with MRSA in his leg yet again. Hopefully we'll have that gone soon.

My Aunt and her family continue to struggle. Their home burned the week of Christmas. Fortunately they have wonderful neighbors and got help from the Rec Cross and their Insurance company but they continue to face troubles. My uncle was hospitalized for a bleed behind his thigh due to heart meds, their cat is missing and their dog ended up in the emergency vet last night due to seizures. I think at this point they are holding onto sanity by a thread so say your prayers, send love and light, whatever you do but please keep them in your thoughts.

Dena is being forced to work in Newport News so much now that she's rented a room in the home of a friend through May and will hopefully be home on weekends. Gotta love the railroad, right? Her pseudo-move is today. And since life is never complete without complication she was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel in both hands and recommended for swift and immediate surgery. She won't do that of course. Not having short-term disability to cover her pay plus taking on a room in Newport News makes her quite clear on NOT wanting to get it done.

I need to follow up with my doctor too. I am moving down the road of a hysterectomy. I'd be upset if I wasn't so excited about the idea of no pain/bleeding every freakin day. Oops, that may be TMI but seriously, I'm over it. They can have my parts. ;)

The boy is in the drama club and playing basketball. He's decided to take baseball season off but the girl will still play. They continue to excel in school and make me laugh every day. So no matter what may go on in all the corners of my small world I will continue to go with the flow and not take life too seriously. I love my world.

Oh! And look at the Cool pics of our pups courtesy of our partnership with a VCU Student on a project! We were out of available fosters to send that day so my guys got to go for a photo shoot! Piggy's are not very good but only because you can see her trepidation. Good experience for her and I am still proud of how well my little crack baby did. lol

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  1. I will certainly agree you've got a lot going on. I really thought things would settle down for me in January. Yeah right!

    I love the pictures with the teal background. I think Piggy looks great...just a bit more serious than the others.