Sunday, January 22, 2012

Are you freakin' kidding me?

We were all at my parents last Wednesday for baths and birthday cake for my favorite niece ever. FYI, It is not polite to point out she is my only niece but I digress...My Mom tripped as I took the dogs out and face planted on the kitchen floor. We called 911, got my sister over to keep my Dad, my kids Dad over to take them and I headed off to the hospital. Thank the Lord and all the Heavens she didn't break anything! She did however dislocate her "good" shoulder and get about 8 stitches across her fore head. Oh, and 2 black eyes to match her now purple chin. Holy Hell! Can we catch a break? Really, just one would be nice. They reset her and sent her home but having had one shoulder replaced and dislocating another just about sent her over the edge. She was not a happy camper. Thankfully when I went to help her wash her hair we discovered she has remarkably good movement. Monday she will go for a check-up and we've successfully consolidated the appt to cover both of her shoulders and get her stitches out. Nothing like a 3 for one deal, man.

My Dad's MRSA seems to be healing per the doc but I think it still looks pretty awful. And he told me his heart is acting up and he can tell because he's breathless. He's probably right. We also talked about his dementia some today and he did not remember it's part of his disease. He tells me about his hallucinations. Today he saw folks playing tennis and golf in the back yard but "knew they were not real" because he realizes he does not have all that in his backyard. I'm glad he can tell the difference in reality and I am glad they are all positive but I know they frighten him and my heart cries for him. He lamented today that he is trapped in his own body and it will no longer do as he says. He has a very positive attitude overall but does get frustrated. I am always amazed at his patience and grace.

I told them to go ahead and get some help in (OK, maybe I begged them, maybe I didn't) because I am waiting for a call from "Scheduling" to sign up for a hysterectomy.  I explained that I will NOT be able to do all I'm doing now as I recoup. Lord I hope they "get it" but one can never tell.

We seem to have quite the black could over us. My nephew is being sent for an MRI because he has a painful lump in his back. And my uncle is recovering from a bleed out behind his thigh muscle caused by his meds. I told my mother not to worry. We're just getting it all out of the way early this year.

And I got to see my sweet, fat, big, little, chunky, rolly-polly, love-bug grandson today! He is such a sweet happy baby. I love him with all my heart and I am glad she is staying with them. Not only does she give some help around the house, he makes everyone smile every day. He is growing by leaps and bounds and is the best snuggler!

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