Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's almost showtime! Are you ready for your Debut?

That's what I asked my Mom as we waited in the staging area.

She thoughtfully had a concrete sidewalk installed to eliminate trip hazards for my Dad with late-stage Parkinson's Disease very recently. A railroad tie was left there creating what could be a nice border if filled in with flowers...And as she rushed to the car late last week to go pick up one of her granddaughters she tripped over that wood and came down hard.

Almost miraculously my daughter pulled up after she realized she could not get up and was left yelling and hoping for help in the dark, and took her to the ER. We followed up with orthopedics the next day and a surgeon was called in. We did a scan and some pre-surgery testing and I must say they sugarcoated it all quite nicely. Today we arrived for shoulder replacement at 10am. Now at 8pm I am still sitting in the surgery center.

While they got us back rather quickly the doctor fell behind and her blood pressure was too low for comfort so she didn't get her 11am surgery until around 3pm. They are keeping her for at least a day now and bringing in another doctor because post surgery her blood pressure is again too low. Per the nurse, she is insisting it's fine because it was low when she got here. I know she's OK but not back to fabulous yet.

It seems the next month and a half will be busily spent coordinating my parents care between my sister, my eldest and I while trying to keep up with daily life. That's not a complaint. It is a fact and one I readily accept. I love my parents dearly and know there is nothing they would not do for me. How could I ever give any less in return?

Cheers to a speedy recovery Mom...I think by the end of this day I'll be ready for a drink.  ;)

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  1. Oh my! Sending wishes for a smooth and speedy recovery.