Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Fall Five

I love Ryan over at The Woven Moments and felt only slightly guilty reading her Fall Five.  She has a fabulous sense of humor, clearly enjoys blogging and has potential coming out of her ears. Plus I know her in real life which is always a bonus.

She loves Fall. I do not and as I spin, twirl and skip through daily life I have not thought about my short term goals in some time I admit as I hang my head.That's not how I roll so it must be time to do some work.

Over the next few months I vow to
  1. Practice Presence...I plan to focus on one thing at a time, fully feel and experience what I am doing, and quiet the busy voices in my head
  2. Practice Saying No Not Right Now...We have 3-5 football games a week right now between the 2 children so regardless of my skipping practice I'm one busy bitch. Oz is still here, school and work are busy and I want to focus more on my immediate family and new grand child.
  3. Experience Joy in Nature before it gets cold. I deeply miss the warm summer days spent in and out of the pool but I will soak up the sun, enjoy the deck, get out and hike again with the dogs and have some fire under the stars.
  4. Perform a Financial Checkup. I've been slightly sloppy lately and I feel the results. I want to get back on track and only pay cash for Birthdays and Holidays 
  5. Find time for and Cherish the Quiet Moments for the sake of sanity an being able to more fully love and support my family while encouraging them to grow and live life to the fullest
What do you plan to accomplish?