Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother Nature is a bitch!

We all know this and have it thrust in our face from time to time as happened at my house yesterday morning.

Lola, the mighty huntress, brought home a baby bird to play. Genghis Khan major pussy that he is was watching and decided to play too.Stupid-ass foolish Mom that I am, I pointed it out to the kids, stupidly thinking that they might enjoy seeing the baby...When asked to save the baby bird I pointed out that:
  1. I have no idea where they got it
  2. It's Mom would no longer take care of it since it smelled like a dirty cat
  3. and I don't really have an interest know how to raise a bird
  4. this is part of life...It sucks, but it's reality and kinder to let the bird die than suffer in pain, without a home or family
Stupid-ass mom, putting her foot in her mouth...There were looks of horror and a general scolding of each cat for being a murderer and tears. All before 8am. 

They recovered and decided Mother Nature was to blame and needed to get her act together. I decided not to point out the next victim at out house.

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  1. Oh man! Isn't it fun being the "realistic" parent?!?!