Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Observations of the Week

  • The irony was not lost on me when I sped around an 18-wheeler losing was a recycling truck. 
  • My "vicious Pitbulls" love it when Mommy works from home...See how scary they are?
  • My children were the best people to watch the wedding with...they get their humor from their Mommy
  • When you get that feeling you are likely right...Diamond's adoption fell through
  • No matter how awesome it is to work at home, Facebook is a godsend for conversation
  • The only person who thinks it's totally awesome to watch a tornado move up your creek (me) is the one who wasn't there
  • Everyone has a special dog when they foster...Our latest was here 4 days and broke Z's heart when she left
  • Flexible Work Schedules are a GIFT...I go back on mine next week
  • Someone came out to me and as we talked I heard..."Oh, you're ACDC" and it made me laugh.
And with all that I can promise you a sense of Humor is good, be it right or wrong.

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