Sunday, March 27, 2011

Master Plans...


Based on my lovely Shane Rocket and other random people at churches, work or just daily living I picked up the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. You know, i just kinda figured what the hell? Who doesn't want to make the most of their money? I mean really, wouldn't that be stupid? So I figured I'd pick up a few tips, maybe learn something I didn't know and that would be that...But Damn, the man is compelling and tells you shit in an easy to understand way....

Now I'm not really a "workbook" kind of girl but I do have spreadsheets. Really. One with my check register, my savings, my budget and who I owe money to. I use and secretly hope that one of those stay-at-home-master-coupon-goddesses will someday offer to sell me a weekly shopping list and the coupons with it so I can pay to go get free shit at the grocery store...Cause really, they would make some money, I'd save some money and we would all be really freaking happy. Why doesnt someone already do this??? (Feel free to steal this idea and send me a check, bitches...I can be your customer and pay you with the money you send me as thanks for making your ass rich.) But I digress...

I have made it halfway through the book in 3 months, which is an insanely  long time for a person that can easily read a book a day, but I have to digest the info, turn it over in my head and consider the possibilities...this ain't no fluffy stuff. The shit could change my life...if I act on it.

I went seeking debt pay-down calculators and came across a cool one...See I just wanted to see the saving of paying my car off sooner but after digging and playing but not having to stand on my head I figured out how to be debt free in 7 YEARS!

HOLY HELL! That includes not only the car but also the house and the student loan I swore I'd be paying til I died! I'm excited people. Seriously!

Go...Take stock of your debts and make a plan too! Think how "rich" we all would be!


  1. Anonymous3/27/2011

    The gf is a huge Dave Ramsey fan and we recently watched his dvd's. It's a smart idea to be on a plan now so that later on life can be easier. He has a way of making it interesting and a whole lot less scary. Good for you!

  2. Got to have a plan! Good for you for taking control.

    BTW, love the picture of the kid. Someone you know?