Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Ten Moment?

My wonderful sister has to upgrade her wardrobe due to a switch over to "business casual." Being the awesome girl I am I dragged her ass to the best Goodwill in town so she could find good stuff for cheap, knowing full well she'd run screaming up the porch each day as she stripped to get out of what she considers to be modern torture devices. The clothes I mean.

We found stuff from Talbot's, Land's End, Eddie Bauer. Shoes were featured by the likes of Harley Davidson (those WERE some kick-ass boots), Clarks and even a pair from Madden. We tried of a BOAT-LOAD of stuff and I walked all around the store in the Clark's while I debated on buying them. They were brown leather, close-toed shoes that were soft as butter, but 1 size too big. I decided they were much like slippers and good for lazy days at work since we have yet to put a pajama policy in effect. (Or wait, maybe they did.Pajamas don't meet the dress code, but I digress.) The shoes kinda look like this: 
Only more worn. And significantly cheaper. I bought them. I even pulled out a brown pair of pants that I don't care for so I could wear my new-to-me shoes with my warm woolly socks. This was fitting because even though I worked in the yard through the weekend it has gone from a delightful range of around 75 degrees back to the 30's. Hell, I saw snow today and doesn't that just suck.

Anyway the shoes were comfy and I was on my way. About halfway through the day they started too feel like clown shoes though...They were too big after all. I went out to smoke and was complimented on them but told they seemed too wide. Why,  might you be wondering, would anyone actually comment on the width of your shoes? Well, let me tell you...if the stitching comes out of your shoes in the middle of the morning and you have to traipse across campus a couple of times things will not be looking up by the end of the day. I thought I got a good deal...Perhaps not.


  1. lol, i had to laugh when i read about your shoes...i had a similar situation happen to me once!
    for the most part i've had success at thrift shops, i love vintage finds at thrift stores.

  2. I fell in love with heels at TJ Max last weekend. After much debate I just couldn't stand squeezing my feet any longer. I swear my toes looked like those of the wicked witch of the east!