Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a Yay kind of day...

What Happened?
Smoosh has been adopted! Yay Smooshter!

My super-secret-squirrel dog (I was safe-housing) has moved on to a forever home. Yay!

Diamond arrives tonight...should give me enough time to tire mine out to ease her arrival. Yay!

I got the prettiest ring for Valentine's Day then, D got called back to Richmond permanently! Yay!

And Best of all you ask?
My Paved Driveway Freakin' rocks! Yay!

My new fence will be installed tomorrow, thereby preventing Roscoe from eating the dog next door. Yay!

My Kindle might arrive tomorrow too! There are so many books available I am excited and overwhelmed! Send me recommendations, please! This will be me, my pretties...I promise!

And I  have a 4-day weekend, Bee-otches!
Peace out!


  1. Anonymous2/17/2011

    I think it's hilarious that your driveway trumps the ring! hahahahah!

  2. I think you're having a damn good week!

    Go-go Smoosh! You found a home.

  3. I have been following your blog for a while now and I have a question. My partner and I just lost our beloved border collie to kidney failure in January and our Lhasa Apsos is in a severe depression. We are thinking of getting another dog but are torn on what type and the age we should get. Any suggestions for us in New Hampshire on where or how to get a rescue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. DM, I had to re-read my own post...perhaps that should have said more like what has happened and what's coming? I love my ring. lol

    Tae, I'm sorry for your loss. Check out - It's a cool site to narrow and learn about what breed you might want next. Think about too whether your Lhasa would do best with a puppy, adult or more senior dog. I do think seniors are the easiest and puppies are a lot of work but I know people who just looove puppies. Once you narrow your scope is a great place to start looking for a rescue dog as is the local shelter. Don't feel any pressure to adopt the 1st one you see. Take your time to find the right one and it will be worth it. It took me several months of looking to find my Sprout. Happy hunting!

  5. Thank you and I will take my time. My lhasa would do wonderfully with a young female of a medium size. Breed is not a factor with me. My partner and I have been looking on and are falling in love with a lot of babies! Thanks for the info. I appreciate your help.

  6. Yay so glad to hear D is back home. happy for smoosh but I sooooo would have come to get him.