Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flip the Script!

I ended up "safe housing?" another English Bulldog this weekend. She is a actually the nicest dog to come here in I don't know how long. Very refreshing. The question mark is because the whole thing is a bit of a fiasco but that's how those sorts of things tend to go. As is stands now she should be leaving today...but I haven't heard so we shall have to wait and see. I'd love to show her to you but don't think that would be wise.

The Pie-Man has news plans too. (Things change quickly sometimes in rescue.) He's not coming to my house now for several reasons including
  1. the other male in his foster home is being placed - Good for Thomas!
  2. Being the only male in his foster home and integrating well with others he gets to "work" and have more freedom
  3. and Diamond needs to re-locate
So, instead of Pie, meet Diamond.

She is a good little Mommy. Her babies have been weaned and are finding homes one by one. It's a shame the babies all go so quickly while the Moms always get left behind. She has done a great job with her fat little babies and is living in a home now with kids, cats, dogs, furry rodents and all kinds of other animals. She is a little Powerhouse though I think she will integrate well here.

And while this picture does show how sweet she is I will get more that show you her chiseled body and pretty bowed legs. She IS ab-so-fuckin-lutely gorgeous...And being a real little pibble girl will likely be with me for awhile.

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  1. Her color is gorgeous. It is sad that the mamas take so much longer to find homes but well, that's just the way it is I guess. I'll take an adult over a pup any day. I babysat 2 pups last weekend and as cute as they were, by Sunday it was time to clear out the house.

    I got a happy email from my Nifty's new mom in Boston. She met and picked her up Monday. She gave her a pet, told her how pretty she was and Nifty walked into her new life without looking back. I guess that's her way of saying I'm where I belong.