Monday, January 17, 2011

Road Trip!

We traveled up to Baltimore for the weekend to go see Miss Dena! Nothing like a small studio to help you appreciate how valuable space is...yes, the kids came.

We hit the Baltimore Aquarium. Very nice. Very expensive. Good quality time. Everyone loved the jellyfish, sharks and the 4-D movie...except Z how ended up putting Dena in a death grip as she help her feet high in the air. Best learning? Many of the jellies my son is an expert at catching each summer won't sting him, but many will. He's got about a 50/50 shot each time. Turns out the Moon Jellies won't getcha but the stinging nettles will. They sting 500,000 people each summer and now we can clearly identify both.

I had a moment though...I dream vividly and the fam is often entertained by this. This weekend we bought a house on the water and moved my parents in. My Dad was brought into his recliner and my Mom was happily busy helping Z set up her room. KJ was helping Dena bring stuff in and I was directing. I got pissed though when I remembered I forgot my plant slips and realized it was too late to go dig them up after having already closed on the old house.

I was thinking this over when Dena came up with news that really pissed me off! We bought this house knowing there was an alligator inhabiting the waters out back. Somehow I didn't think it would be a big deal. She told be the neighbors were out back feeding the alligator. I asked if she was freakin' kidding me and went to look. There was a couple in their 50's with a litter of about 10 JRT puppies bounding all around them on the dock as these people, laying on their bellies, reached down to hand feed the alligator chicken. I stormed down there and went off...Then I woke up.

The next night I fell asleep with the tv on waiting for D to get off work...Damn serial killer chased me all night! He wanted to start by pulling out my fingernails and go from there. I woke up for awhile and needed a nap the following day. Humph! Besides the dreams we had a great trip. Hard Rock Cafe served me the best burger I've had in ages and reminded me I am supposed to be back at the gym by now. Tomorrow. I swear...All that closeness though has me counting the minutes to bedtime tonight!

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