Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project Super Flingis Underway!

I detest holding yard sales. Unless I'm feeling greedy and actually think I have some shit to sell worth some real money. So, I'm twisting it up. I'm having a yard sale on Facebook. Shit, I know tons of people and maybe some of my friends actually want my "junk." I came upon this brilliant (I hope) idea when I put out that I posted 2 desks on Freecycle and someone immediately wanted one. I took the post down and she will get it next week.

Today I have swooped through the Laundry room, Kitchen and am mired deep in linens as we speak...Cause really, even if you rescue dogs, how many towels do you think you need? I think 2 Pool towels and 2 bath towels per person should be plenty. That means many will be leaving my house. Having been in this house 12 years I have accumulated more than my share. I needed a break...and so you get to hear about it. Maybe I'll post the final list when I'm done? Would you even care?

Do you know the FlyLady? I do. I used her "system" after my divorce to restore sanity to my house and help me actually stay on top of everything. That was quite a few years ago and my lack of stick-to-it-ness has gotten the better of me again. I love Free...which makes Freecyle a blessing and a curse. You can only keep bringing "treasures" home if they have a place and purpose in your life. The best part of Flylady is you can take steps, little by little, and eventually get the whole house in order without being over whelmed.

I can let go of my stuff. It frees me up to enjoy life more (and if I get rid of stuff I can find a place for new treasures.) If you go to a wonderful vacation house you will generally find you have everything you need - just not all the personal stuff that makes it your home. I want to strike the balance between the 2. Then towels won't fall on my head when I only want one. Besides, it makes your home feel bigger, better and spacious. You dont have to spend as much time cleaning or at least the cleaning becomes less focused on picking up.

Am I the only one who has to go through this as a ritual or have you managed to adopt it as a way of life. How?


  1. Anonymous1/23/2011

    I am a neat freak and the only things I have in my house are those that have meaning. Everything my eyes fall upon has either been carefully selected by me or was lovingly gifted to me. When I help people organize, that's my philosophy.

  2. I have a thang about things being organized and matching. Like, I can't have a bunch of mismatched glasses. I keep 8, and when a few have broken, I donate the remaining to the women's shelter and get a new set of 8 at Target. A small indulgence that makes me feel good. What I have found in the last several years is that even though things are completely organized, I was holding on to a lot that has no relation to the future I see for meself. I've slowly been going through stuff and letting go. I'd rather have room for new memories instead of hanging on to the old.

    Good luck with your sale!