Sunday, December 5, 2010

It snowed in Virginia already?

Yes it did.

Funnily enough we stayed home all day yesterday so the kids could play with their friends all day. They really enjoy the free time and were in and out of houses all day. I declined the request for a sleepover but did say my boy could go to another's house. The eldest was hanging and spending the night at her friends house so it was just me and my wee one.

My sister came by with my most awesome niece so we had a girls night. I grilled burgers in the flurries, we ate cookies and they got to meet Sylvester. The youngest slept on the couch (which is a treat at my house) and since I drew all the curtains an the boy was gone I planned to sleep in. Girls do that.

At somewhere around 7.30 I heard my doorbell. I couldn't figure out who it could be. I staggered out of bed and grabbed a robe. All the dogs were baking and the wee one was up too. It was the boy. With friends. They needed to know where the sleds were.

After handling that, feeding and watering all the dogs I went back to bed with the wee on happily watching SpongeBob on the couch...Then he came back. He wanted to bring all the boys in to play. Clearly there wasn't enough snow for sledding, I said no and perhaps I'll need a home further away for the next sleepover.

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