Friday, November 19, 2010

Well, that didn't take long...

Meet Willow. 
She was found as a stray near Willow & Broad Streets, hence the name. She and he sister spent the night with the woman who found them and went on down to Animal Control. Her sis is fine but Willow was cage crazy. She developed a touch of demodex mange and since they were full and she was so stressed they call the woman to tell her she would be put to sleep yesterday unless she could take her or find her rescue. 

She called a mutual friend in California. California friend posted on Facebook. I called the shelter and put out a call to Odessa Rescue and Rehab as well as Ring Dog Rescue asking if she was as good as I heard and I would foster (since they are full too) could we put her under one of their groups. Odessa answered 1st. 

She's here now. She's already had her shots at the shelter and got a rabies today. She's 2 weeks into her treatment for the mange and an absolute delight! She is about 1 year old and a Whippet or Whippet mix. I haven't any experience with them but I really like her personality. She's made friends with Roscoe, loves the kids, and is interested in but didn't chase the cat. She's housetrained too. 

Score for her! Score for me!

I;ll share more pics when we have a moment. We're busy snuggling now. ;)


  1. :) When the right one comes along it's hard to say no. She is a lucky girl.

  2. I hope you know how awesome you are....

  3. She is sooooo cute! wish i was in a place to take another dog! love her face!