Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am very fortunate to work for a large corporation that allows for what we call Flexible Work Schedules. And every now and then I am slapped in the face with how lucky I truly am.

What that mean for me is that on the days I have my kids I leave at 3pm. I work later on the days their father has visitation. This allows us to keep them out of afternoon daycare not only saving money but letting us do homework and dinner before rushing off to evening activities.

Their father had a class to attend so on "his day" I was to pick up and shepherd the wee ones to their self-defense class and thus began the flashback. I got off at 5 and sat in traffic. Once I arrived to pick them up we flew like the wind to class. At 7:15 with my gas light on I thought about the fact that we were all starving and hadn't even been home yet, not to mention I didn't thaw anything for dinner...And then I remembered. Vividly. I did this for years with my eldest child who is now 21.

Single parenting is hard sometimes but I don't have it rough. My younger children have the luxury of 2 parents who love them and the benefit of schedules to make each day a tad bit easier for everyone.


  1. Anonymous7/21/2010

    Life can get really crazy, mine sure can. But as you see, all worth it! :-)

  2. Anonymous7/21/2010

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  3. It is all worth it...and lucky for you with the flexible work schedule!

  4. It is great - I can attest to that. I was also a single parent twenty years ago, a full time student and a sole support parent. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am now - shared custody, no real financial worries. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. we are lucky aren't we