Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are Healthy

And that is something, isn't it.

I went for my annual and got sent for the, what feels like regular, ultrasound due to the heaviness, for lack of a better word, that I've been feeling. Turns out my IUD was "in the right zip code" per my Dr but perhaps not where you would want it. I said Fuck it and had him take it out. I'm on meds but not any better yet. I'll finish out the Rx and if not better go back yet again...I haven't had a period in almost 8 years now so that should be a non-refreshing slap in the face. All in all I'd say the IUD could be a dream for some but not a home-run for me.

And Roscoe? He's doing awesome. He checked in on Thursday for her 1st shot for the heartworms. I paid for him to stay overnight because my doctor appointment prevented me from picking him up. I got him Friday after his second dose and smiled as he was complimented by all for being such a good, sweet boy. I've never used this vet before but they were referred to me by another in rescue and they quoted the cheapest price. It went slightly higher as I opted for the optionals like pain management (amazing to me that that's optional) and I can't believe how well he's doing! I've seen plenty of rescues through the treatment and don't know if it was because he was far from malnourished or if the vet was that good but he is doing beautifully. He can't kick as he'd like after going to the bathroom but he can lift his leg to pee. That's saying quite a bit. He's got to rest for now and go for neutering and shots at the end of the month. So far his vet bills have been $590. You can donate if you'd like over on the right side of the page. As far as I'm concerned it's money well spent. He's a good boy and will now get to live out his life as a happy, healthy boy!

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  1. Anonymous6/09/2010

    Wow 8 years. Sounds great. That would suck to have that come back