Monday, June 28, 2010

Life goes on...

Wow! It's been almost 3 weeks since I dropped in. In that time...
  • A doggy virus swept through the house resulting in more than our share of vomit.
  • Butters went to an all day adoption event at the Vegetarian Fest but is still here. Sigh.
  • After the above pics KJ got one HELL of a black, swollen eye in the jumpy house.
  • Z finished up the season and got her 1st trophy...She is very proud!
  • C got a new job and started a new semester!
  • I've been on vacation and managed to hit the beach twice...Thank God the Jellies were not out in force yet...Pretty Little Nasty Bastards!
  • Roscoe's neutering was declined to give him more recovery time. They want to wait until September.
  • D passed all her tests and came back to Richmond only to be sent on the road for a week 2 days later. She'll be keeping Mr. Rocco-Poco-Daco as she calls him with me as she breezes in and out of town while completing her training. (She's gone again.) Hopefully things will settle and she'll get to work out of Richmond more after that.
Not much exciting to tell you. It is hotter than hell here and even the pool doesn't provide much relief. he low last night was 85 and I swear that is just so wrong...My house did manage to cool down to 78 this evening and my crazy-ass son pulled out his coat because he was cold. Guess playing in 100+ degree heat all day will do that for ya!

I'm off to enjoy the rest of my vacation...grillin, chillin and swimmin. Peace!


  1. It was muggy and warm here all day and the temp has dropped to about 72 now that the sun has gone. Perfect! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  2. It was hot here too but it dropped down into 70s this week. I like the heat though. Need to head down there. I haven't given up on my dream yet.