Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miracles and Disasters

Size is irrelevant. A miracle is something wonderful and unexpected. After softball yesterday when the girls wrapped up and were exiting the bullpen we saw a full, double rainbow! It was beautiful, vibrant and clear. You could clearly see the way it stretched in it's majesty from one horizon to the other. That my friends is a small miracle and a gift to be appreciated.

A disaster of course is something dreadful and unexpected. I switched back to the Intex pool this year but did get a larger size. I set it up in the sun where the last set up was, knowing the ground wasn't really level. All was good until a storm came through taking off the cover and dumping about 3 feet of water from the very large pool in my yard. I found this late in the evening upon arriving home and decided to move it to the shady area that has been leveled in the past. Shit! Well, this pool is 3 ft bigger and I did not level the remaining space on each side. Same shit happened. Fuck! Now the leveling project is underway...Good thing I put the pool up too early! Maybe we'll be ready to swim by the time it actually is warm enough...Rat-bastard pool! ;)

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  1. Anonymous4/27/2010

    I love to see rainbows, I agree a true natural miracle. I love the really bright ones that go from one end to the other like you described.