Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Open to Interpretation

I was volunteering in a very low-income center working with seniour citizens and had some co-workers tagging along with me to help. We were making sure they got a ride to and from everyday a good meal and some social activity and medical care. The Admin was very upset when we arrived because the transportation was gone. I helped her calm down while I made some calls.There was no help so we agreed we'd take folks home. I ended up with an elderly lady and a man I knew was trying to hide that he was homeless. I took them home.

On my way home I had to drive through streets that go under train tracks and interstates and there was a man holding up a sign to divert traffic. His sign said college kids were trapped on the bridge. He sent me left which took me to the bridge and I could see the kids trapped out on the concrete bridge as both ends had fallen away. No one appeared to be there from any rescue. As I was driving up I saw the bridge collapse almost in a domino fashion. There were still chunk of concrete sticking up and now the kids could walk back towards the shore. I backed up my SUV which was full of blanket since I hadn't gotten by goodwill and wrapped them up as they came across. Some other folks showed up and were doing the same thing.

By then the place was a zoo and they were handing out medals of courage to these kids for being brave. I helped one boy find his and passed him off to his parents. Another I loaned my nephew's sweatshirt because there were no more blankets. I was sad when I realized he left without returning it.

I headed for home, stopping to see my Mom who had her own antique store.Turns out one of those boys was the nephew to the woman that worked behind my Mom. Small world right?

Then Sprout gave 3 barks. Really. He wanted me to get up and let him out to pee. That was a very vivid detailed dream. It's open for interpretation. Thoughts?


  1. Anonymous3/31/2010

    Wow, that was an interesting dream. Sounds like mine, they are so very vivid but mine are crazy bizarre. The only thing that came to mind was, is there a lot going on and you are trying to get it all taken care of? Or do you feel like you are trying to help but it isn't enough?

  2. First of all, you are the driver of the car - you are in control of your own life. When someone else is driving, it may reflect a feeling that someone else is in control.

    So much of you is given to others - to your kids, to the dogs - this dream really seems to reflect your caring nature. Bridges are places of transition, naturally. It could represent movement from one consciousness to another, a new physical transition such as a new home or job. Or it could represent a new spiritual awakening - whatever it is, it seems that your caring nature will help make the transition a success, even if the bridge seems uncrossable right now.

  3. Camlin's interpretation makes a lot of sense. So much detail - you did well to remember it all.

  4. Camlin's interpretation makes a lot of sense. So much detail - you did well to remember it all.