Monday, January 25, 2010


It's been such a busy weekend. I called in back-up as my hand is better, but far from perfect and had Layla, Sprout and Cotton all off-leash in the house without incident! This is huge. After about 20 minutes we ended the session on a peaceful note. Yay Piggy!!!

I got another foster this weekend, hence the title for the post. Richmond Boxer Rescue pulled a sweet Momma of 6 and they were all hanging out together, naturally. Well they are 5 weeks old and Momma is done nursing. Foster Mom has some medical issues going on and so all the pups had to be moved. 8 dogs all came south this weekend and we (I and other volunteers) showed up to pick up our new fosters. Amber is about 3 yrs old and sweet as they come. She's not crate trained because she's so good she's never needed crating. She doesn't have any medical issues and goes to be fixed this week. I don't think she'll be here very long at all. The boys loved her right away though I have not let Layla meet her. Being able to run them together makes life so much easier.

Cotton's trainer who volunteers with Ring Dog Rescue had to reschedule due to the weather Friday and it worked out beautifully. He came and took Cotton out to the park to meet his wife and other dogs and they went to PetSmart. They worked on sit and down. Chad swore he knew it when he brought him back but he certainly did not want to perform. He's done it for me since but only with work and patience. We'll need to work on that more for sure.

My man had his 1st basketball game of the season and played well. They lost by 2 points but it's all good. They only got 2 practices in. If it ever sops raining I foresee at least a game of horse in our near future.

I got the pleasure of picking up my high heel too. Those of you who read "Back Where I Started" may know I won the sequined, high-heel, ring-holder. It's too cute! There was plenty of time playing Mario Bothers on the Wii. It was so awesome I went out and bought it! Icing on the cake was that they made awesome chili for dinner and I got to play with Amber's babies...Squirty took in 2 of them. 5 week puppies are soooo sweet, but I'm still glad I got their Mom instead. lol


  1. That is just pure bliss :)

  2. My daughter's new child care provider has two American Bulldogs. I think I am in love...the puppy is a bit much for me, but I'd take the other one home any day. She is such a sweetie.

  3. That is one CUTE dog!

  4. Cotton is BEAUTIFUL. God, I sooo wish I was able to adopt again. In that last pic that smile looks JUST LIKE Gracie's. I don't know this dog but I love him :)