Monday, January 18, 2010

No one told me that part!

I was so looking forward to getting my cast off this morning and I did. The sick and twisted part is that it is still clearly broken. And bruised. And swollen. My pinky flops like a dead, bloated fish. I still have a small sore where the bones punctured the skin too...As I voiced my confusion the Dr said something stupid like, "Oh no, a break like this can't heal that fast. It'll be at least another month."

Rat-bastard! He didn't tell me that before! No wonder the bitch still hurts and was still swelling off and on in the cast! I thought for sure I was just being a whiny-baby. Perhaps not. Now I'm just a pissy bitch.

So now my fingers are taped together. I am to start moving my hand and wrist so they don't lose mobility but I'm not allowed to use it for anything. I don't wear anything to protect it from dogs, kids or dumb-ass people that bumped into me even when clearly wearing a cast. I go back for more X-Rays for another month and might be ok'ed for Physical Therapy then.

"Frustration" doesn't even BEGIN to cover it! UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!


  1. I've been there. Several years ago I cracked my radius - no cast. Just a sling, and instructions to increase my range of motion, yeah right. Any wee bump was excruciating. Thank the goddess the morning sickness (yes, I was) held off for a few weeks after it healed. No pain meds, either.

  2. I thought once the cast was off you would be in the clear. Sorry that you have to endure more discomfort. I think you should treat yourself to a very large martini this evening. Hope it is feeling better sooner than later.

  3. no cast?!?! That sucks.

    Maybe you could wrap it with an ace or something to give people a heads up so they don't bang into it.

    I hope it feels better soon!