Monday, January 4, 2010

My Blondest Moment Evah-Evah-Evah

I must say it took hours and hours to get home. It seems the state on Georgia has converted the Interstate into a parking lot. Seriously. Who is the idiot that decided road construction would be a good idea as what appeared to be every person living north of the Mason Dixon line tried to go home on the same day? Everyone knows that the snowbirds go south...and their families follow to visit over the winter holidays.

The plan was to leave at 3am Sunday but through a sick twist of fate, aka my ultimate blonde moment we left at 130pm Saturday. You see, the breaking of the hand has slowed me more than I care to admit and while I talked the hand specialist into giving the ok for my trip I did delay a day. My days were confused all week. Pain pills did not help clear the fog. An extra day was not tacked on at the end.

On New Year's I did not know what day it was...The waiter told me. We were in the Central time zone so I never knew what time it was. I get that this is simple stuff people, but certainly more than my vacation-addled brain could handle.

I got up Saturday and looking out to the parking thought I must have done a great job sleeping in. I called my kids, started breakfast and headed out to smoke on the bay when I saw IT - My.first.clue. - There were piles and piles of bedding up and down the hall. I called downstairs only to discover I should have checked out...Oh yeah, that's why leaving FL after the Bowl Game made sense. I knew it did but could not remember why...I begged for time, woke D and we packed. And then we left.

The good news was we'd drive all night. The bad news was once we hit GA it didn't matter. I'm back at work now and missing my daily vaca nap. :)


  1. Bummer about the traffic! We left the south on Saturday and didn't have hardly any traffic problems. Did you take 95? We traveled 81 almost all of the way up. It was NICE.

    I miss my nap too!

  2. Anonymous1/04/2010

    That sucks about the traffic, but you're right about those pain meds messin' with the noggin. But, they're just sooooooooooooo good though!

  3. Glad you made it back safely boo to work and no vacation naps

  4. It's hard to go back - a week off spoiled me.

    Glad you made it home safely.

  5. We were on 95. No accidents seen. I think there were just too many people - lines for food, lines to pee, etc