Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So busy...

Busy Busy time of year...I had a blast going to Indiana. I was a bit surprised at how much I thought it looked like North Carolina. Kind of flat, cool trees, but colder of course and plenty of ice. I did some work, played some and spent about 2/3 of my weekend in that car to do it. It was cool though hanging with friends and meeting new people. The above pic is a pretty local park and the below is the downtown area. Good stuff I tell you. In other news...
  • Cotton has an app in and someone coming to meet his wiggly butt tonight! Cross your body parts. All.of.them.
  • I won tickets to the Capital One Bowl and am going...It's blown up into a 1 week vacation and while it may only be in the 60's I.don't.care...I'll be near the beach for a full week.
  • My apps are all in for school to begin in January...I have no idea how I will work and go to school and have a life, but I kee telling myself it's only for a short time
  • I'm slammed busy at work but thankfully my vacation starts on Friday! Bring it on!

I'd tell you more but it is the holiday season and I'm off to a Hapy Hour...Have fun my peeps!


  1. I went to school in Indiana and still feel as if it is kind of my "home". Glad you enjoyed your visit! Good luck with Cotton!!

  2. Yay for vacations...and for a good time in Indiana. Good luck with cotton

  3. So glad you had fun in Indiana. And I'm SERIOUSLY sending all good vibes towards Cotton's way. He seems like such an awesome dog. I wish I could have taken him myself!

    Sounds like things are great girl! :)

  4. good wishes for cotton!!

    glad you had a nice time in indiana.