Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't Worry...

Seems to be a recurring theme. I've been hearing from various corner that folks worry about me. They don't say why or what about but it seems I've been busy and flying under the radar. Folks don't seem to like that because then they don't know what's going on...I'm fine.

My only current worry is that the deadline for applying to the Career Switcher Program has passed and I want to get in. NOW! (I was turned away when I showed up in person after they did not return my calls and was forced to schedule an appointment for tomorrow.)

I feel the NEED to get in, Dammit!

Hell, I passed all the required exams.

Take my money, Bitches!

I'm a good student. You'll be glad you did.

If you need to worry, worry about that. And the loan I'll need to pay to get in since while work will pay for it they won't until I pass and the damn school won't let me in until I pay. Sure wish I had a couple grand laying around.

And there's this so cool artist opening up her own space...There is still much more for her to put up (hint, hint!) but anyhoo, Go Check out Rocket!


  1. Anonymous12/09/2009

    Good luck to you!!

  2. i am sending you a virtual million!! $$$$$ may not want to cash it just yet though... :) thnx 4the props! means a bunch!

  3. Fingers crossed for you.