Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to the weekend...

We did have fun. The Wii was played, chilli was cooked, football was watch as was Elf. We did a transport for a sweet little Boston Terrier and the kids practiced reciting lines from the movies on the way. His Poppa died having a seizure on Thanksgiving Day and as his 80+ yr old parents were the guys only relatives, and unable to keep the dog, Corky went into rescue. He was evidently a treasured family member and showed up with more luggage than I take on any trip. He was such a sweet little porker I tried to figure out if I could swap him out for Cotton who continues to drive me batty with puppy energy. ;)
No snow in Richmond but as our travels took us west we did make time to get out of the car and throw snowballs before heading back...It rained at home. All day. Like more than 24 hours. I had a small lake in the backyard and they boys insisted on running through it at top speed (2 & 4 legged ones) so they all got baths!
Layla was designated my poor, pretty pony. Z decided to buy a pony, train the pony and put her in a show. She had to be brushed in preparation and learn how to "walk purposefully." (I crack up hearing the 6 yr old use these big phrases.) I did wander off and when I returned my pony was tied to the post that is my banister. I was told she was tied up so she wouldn't run off. At that point I decided to rescue the pony. She hasn't left my side since. Poor, Pretty Pony


  1. Anonymous12/07/2009

    Two very cute pics!!! Loving the sweater! Adorable!

  2. awwww, adorable doggies! I LOVE dogs..