Monday, November 30, 2009

Family is a Way of Holding Hands with Forever...

That's on a magnet in my fridge and it is by far my favorite...except when I knock it off the fridge and it lands with the force of a 90lb boulder on my toe. Family is like that sometimes too but thankfully mine was not this weekend.

Wednesday I went all crazy after being and we went to Chuck-E-Cheese. The kids always love it and we go so rarely it is always a treat.

On Thanksgiving morning I re-introduced them to the joy of Lender's bagels as we watched the parade and perused the papers. We went to my sister's for dinner and then they headed to Dad's...My fam was all going and was disappointed I was not. They declared I would and that they'd see me there. They didn't. I was never told where dinner was or what time. They all got calls. I even dropped them in person to their Dad. I figured he'd prefer I not attend and quite frankly was fine with that...Dena and I sat around scoping out the papers and doing preliminary shopping together. She was a huge help as she agreed to help me cover off on stuff I would not be able to get to...I did take my Dad out. Wal-Mart did him in. We arrived around 4am and hit Sam's by 6. We had to rest as soon as we arrived but did a tour of the store, saw my sis and b-i-l before a quick stop at Food Lion and then back home. Now I know Black Friday shoppers do not put Food Lion on their list but he HAD to check out the marked down meat bin. I finished up at Target and am pleased to report that while I am now beyond broke my shopping is done except for stockings.

After a long nap I put up a tree, hid presents, hung out with friends an wrapped up Sunday with more of the same, the (I hope) last mow of the year, the Colts game at Applebees, dyeing and perming various heads of hair and trimming the tree. All in all it was a fan-tab-u-lous weekend.

I think I REALLY like not hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I enjoy the cooking, the company and the time they leave...This way I get to make what I want, enjoy the company and not have all the clean-up and work that comes with hosting. I still baked, I still cleaned but it was somehow way more relaxing.

Oh, and that foster I kept over the weekend? He's so much better than anyone told me...I took him with me to my sister's to visit under the guise of playing Wii (per her instructions of course.) We spent about 3 hours taking turns playing Raving Rabbits ( I LOVE that game!) while her hubby tried to not fall on love with Bowser. They haven't made up their mind but J misses Sammy terribly and D liked the dog too. I think he still says no but we shall see...He loves my sister so I'm betting this round will go to her. ;)


  1. I'm so glad there is no Canadian equivalent to Black Friday!

  2. Tell me, what exactly is Black Friday? I keep hearing about it..