Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Barbies

We played Barbie this week. First Z had to blow out her story because that's how she rolls. She decided to have a Birthday cookout and I had to spell the words for her grocery list. She then pulled out the lego castle and the Barbies arrived in her doll house camper. Some came all dolled up, some came naked. One got to wear a bracelet she made for a Birthday necklace. The babies and the pets were all there, including the koalas. She made burgers for the grill (her toybox cover) from Play-doh and flipped them, adding paw prints , with her doggie's comb. She then cut them up, explaining they could all share their food because they are family and no one is sick...That's who you eat after. Not just your friends. They all got lip gloss as party favors.

I wasn't as active a particiant as she would have liked. I hope I'll do better next time.


  1. It's amazing where their imaginations can take them, isn't it?

  2. Anonymous11/21/2009

    How sweet : )

  3. The best parties are the ones where some come naked...