Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One of the Coolest Fundraisers I've seen...

Go check out this site!
I know I have a wide variety of folks stopping through here. (I love diversity!) SO whether you are a photographer, a hottie or an artist; married, dating or single; straight, gay, bi or whatever group of labels you might fit into on any given time of whatever day of the week You gotta go look....In 2009, this group donated over $19,500 to pitbull and bully-breed rescues, and for individual dogs in need! This money came from calendar and merchandise sales, donations and sponsorships, and events, which featured art auctions and raffles. Venues generously donated door and bar proceeds to contribute to these funds. Burlesque performers, musicians, DJs, performance artists, and guest speakers donated their time and talent to make these events successful. Companies such as Pabst, Pinup Girl Clothing, Karen Von Oppen, Sourpuss, and Charcoal Designs sponsored and donated items to the project and to raffles and events.
Not only can you still but they 2009 calendar but the 2010 one is now underway! it looks like a lot of fun work for a great cause...and those who would not or could not volunteer still buy presents right? For yourself? ok. For others? ok...Don't you know one person that this would make a cool easy gift for?
I can't imagine how some people could think that my babies were not worth helping. Don't you want to help someone else's babies too?

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