Saturday, July 11, 2009

Um yes, I did score cool points!

Not only am I permanantly in a bar in Savahnna...Refocksa knows. I've managed to score some cool points while neglecting my blog.

Fist of all Vermont was good. Good for me, good for them and a fun time. Coming home was not. Z was pissed that I left. Uber-pleased to have traveled the 650+ miles home in about 10 hours, I showed up to see my munchkins at their Dad's. KJ attached himself to the hip and has yet to let go but the girl was pissed. She greeted me with frown, crossed arms and would only grunt or whine to me. I took the boy home and left her there. C figured since I was off on vacation galavanting she should too...J must have silently agreed. The same laundry was in the machine, the pool was a lovely green (think massive overgrowh of algae people!) none of the trash went out and the dishes were in the same state. Amazing that I only groused for 2 days I think! Gotta be some cool points earned there.

And Riley was adopted that very morning I headed out of town. His new Mommy was awesome and as soon as they left I hopped in the RAV and headed to VT...The puppy will be moving to a different foster home this week and Zeus is doing well. His hair is showing signs of growing back in while he awaits his court case resolution. We'll likely add another pup to the house within the week. Richmond Boxer Rescue is in need of more fosters. There are 10 pups listed as urgent right now we are waiting to pull from high-kill shelters...and of course they need more donations as well. Medical care for those 10 plus the others already in foster care is expensive.

Today I took the VCLA test - the first step to becoming a teacher. You see, lastyear as I worried over layoffs I signed up and paid for the exam but never scheduled it once talk of laying off teachers here cropped up. I took it today and believe I passed with a score of 88% on the first portion and 80% on the second portion. I still have to await scores on my essays, but expect a positive result. To proceed I'd need to pass the Praxis II exams in my field and attend 16 hours at a local college. Who knows, I just may.

I scored free plants today too. Most folks won't get all excited over that but I do. Freecycle is awesome as ever. Today I added more monkey grass and vinca vine to the bank I am trying to cover and got some blue hosta too. I was pleased to get it all in before dark.


  1. Glad you're back! Dude, what's the Freecycle thing??

  2. I think I had to reread that post three times, lol. Shew!

  3. Freecycle is great. I have a hard time keeping up with the emails in my local group...

    Congratulations on the test scores! Awesome!