Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random kids and Riggo

I was so pleased when Z got old enough to do the things she knew how to do, being a bit independent. It's been a few years though and I forgot about the stage where they start doing the things they can't or shouldn't do. In addition to "making a documentary" with my camera, girlfriend got into the sugar while I was on the deck (evidence everywhere) and "did Layla's hair" with Mommy's expensive hair wax. Layla smells really good but I don't think she appreciated it. Z got her 1st real honest to goodness spanking from her Dad yesterday too. Her brother pissed her off so she hurled a stapler at him and hit him in the head. Aye yi yi! Guess I'm back to keeping hawk eyes on that one!

KJ registered for football yesterday. He picked his numbers and was thrilled to find out they are having a pool party meet & greet before practice starts SIX.DAYS.A.WEEK for at least 2 hours per day. Guess I now have many many new opportunities to work on Layla as well as with our fosters coming through. In some ways, I dread football season.

J is hatin' on Riggo because of his intense, un-relenting interest in the kitties, but I am loving him even though that obsession makes him harder to have in the house. He's going into his crate now when told. He was awesome with the kids yesterday, good with Sprout and had plenty of kisses for me. We tried working on some commands yesterday but it did not go as hoped. We were doing it in the kitchen and he knew the stairs leading to the precious kitties were nearby so he could or would not focus...He's a smart boy but this is one time his brain is working against him. lol I had him out in the house on a long leash though and when told to "leave it" he'd sit. Today I plan to take him on a long walk after work and we'll try some lessons in the yard where he can't smell the cats. We went out together this morning and he was such a good boy. He wandered, did his business and is still sniffing everything. I sat out on the deck drinking coffee and when he was done he came for love. He's a real sweetheart.

I left him loose in my room today. Complete with his breakfast and a rawhide to keep him busy until I get home. I really believe I need to work with him quickly since I've successfully got him listed. He's already "adoptable" but I do like them to have better manners when they leave. I should get his vet records today and thankfully he does have 1 person interested in him. She sounds golden so we'll do a meet & greet tomorrow and take it from there. She understands the benefits of crate training but does not plan to do so since her dogs have stayed loose in the house in the past. He'd be the only dog in a kitty-free home. Because she has no plans to crate train unless needed and he's trustworthy in a kitty-free zone I gave him free run of my bedroom today. I hope to see he's more relaxed this afternoon when I get home as opposed to when he's crated.

If she decides not to adopt him we'll continue a mix of loose time with the crate training so he will be better prepared for his eventual home. It's funny, you know I always get dogs that have to go through heart worm treatment or have some kind of medical condition or aren't ready to be adopted so I never feel any pressure to get them into new homes right away, only to help them get ready. Because he came ready I do feel I owe it to him to help him as best and as quickly as I can. I'd say I'm doing a good job thus far but I really don't want to disappoint him or myself.


  1. Anonymous7/21/2009

    Sounds like you are doing a great job. Wonder on my end how you can do it all with cost and everything. That is cool with football starting. I wanted to put my son into football but it was 3 days a week practice on top of games on weekend. That is too much time when he needs to be working on school work in the evenings. Who knows, will see in the future

  2. I know what you mean about football! I'm praying his Dad will coach so he can take him to practice and I can stay home with Z. Other wise we'll be taking turns.

    Fostering really doesn't cost much but time. The rescues pay the medical bills and provide food if needed. Riggo's good health is the only reason I could take him. I'm paying for his food and bought the gentle leader but the crate was borrowed. His adoption fee will cover the expense and the rest will be donated back into rescue. :)

  3. I'd say you're doing a great job!

    Six days a week - wow!

  4. Anonymous7/22/2009

    Awesome! I would love to do something like that but live in an apartment. Maybe some day down the road. Props to you!