Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs...and.More.Dogs

Zeus goes back to his previous owner today. The good news is that his diet has done him well, his fur is growing back in, albeit slowly, and the man has now committed to fencing in his yard. He did not have to per the law but he is. I am choosing to believe that someone who fought through court for a dog he hasn't seen in months and is fencing in his yard at a considerable expense for the dog's sake when he doesn't have to has maybe learned something and that he and Zeus will have a long happy time together. I hope that is the case.

Puppy leaves for another foster home on Friday. She's not ready for adoption yet but I still say Yay!

No good news for Dharma currently. She failed her temperament test with the group that went out. They took 2 others that will be easier to help and get adopted. She's got ears in terrible shape (years of chronic and current infections indicating the need for surgery) but I'm trying to get an update on her and haven't given up.

And an awesome friend/trainer I know came out just before vacation to evaluate and help me work on Miss Piggy to get her to a better place with strangers. The biggest step was to get everyone doing what we know we should be doing on a consistent basis. I seriously think C & J are half-stepping but I've been diligent and and doing the same work with Sprout...He's kinda like WTF? We've never worked this hard on shit before. Damn, Layla. Fucking it up for everybody!...LOL

Milestone happened this weekend when I took her to PetSmart. A 5lb poodle charged at us on a retractable lead (STUPID FREAKIN OWNER) but instead of lunging at or trying to eat the dog as she would normally attempt, she ducked behind my legs and waited for me to handle it. We stopped into C's work too and I had her sit and wait while C & I chatted, some woman admired her and pulled out all her dog pictures to share. Layla did so well! We'll keep working and in 2 weeks the goal is to walk her with a dog she's never met before and be able to have them off leash in an enclosed area. Quite ambitious, but I think it can be done. Her ultimate goal is to be comfortable around strange dogs and people. She doesn't have to love them or turn into a social butterfly, but she does have to behave and be relaxed.


  1. Ohhhh sounds like things are moving along in dog world!! I do love what you do!!

  2. Anonymous7/16/2009

    Awesome for Layla!