Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can I resign?

Just since Saturday Miss Z has...
  • Gotten into the sugar
  • Put my hair wax on the dog
  • Broken my camera
  • Gotten her hands on my ipod stereo remote
  • Thrown a stapler squarely at her brother's head (with remarkable aim)
  • Thrown multiple temper tantrums
  • Had "tea" in her room resulting in a trail of water down the hall

And her brother lost my car keys. Can I resign? NO? Why not? Some days I just don't like this job too much...Needless to say Z has now rightfully earned about the same level of supervision she had when she was 2! sigh

And the lady who came to see Riggo is AWESOME!!! She's all I hoped for and more. BUT, she's going to do a meet and greet with another boy on Saturday before making up her mind. I know he needs a home too. He's been in foster care for a year! I fell in love with him myself when I met him so I know exactly who he is...but I still hope she chooses Riggo.


  1. riggo riggo riggo!!!

    and don't you wish you could crate the little "trouble" like you can the dogs... probably a good thing i have no kids,,,, he he snicker snicker!!!

    stay brave!!

  2. Awww Riggo!!!

    As for the terror child .. oyi!!! I would have killed her.

  3. Wow! What a week for you!!!
    Awww I hope Riggo gets picked!!

  4. Z is really testing you huh? It's a phase and it will pass....eventually!

  5. I am so happy to be away from my little wonderkid/holy terror for a few hours today! Teacher and mom is too much!!! So I send you lots of positive, child-free energy, until I drag her kicking and screaming to a music festival which she says she hates already, even though she's never been.....

    Pick Riggo!

  6. yikes on the 2 footed lil'monster