Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yay me!

I went to a seminar offered by our environmental council at work awhile back on conservation landcaping and was inspired to add in the new new flower beds I started this year. (They are doing great by the way.)

When attending the one offered this month on making and using rain barrels I was talking to 2 friends on the council. I thanked them and encouraged them to keep their speaker series going and offered up my new bed example as proof that they are making a difference. They asked for pics, I sent them in...and now they want to feature me on our intranet for a news story next month. I have until the 15th to get my stuff in.

I work for a very large company so it's pretty cool to think of all those folks reading about my little home project and thinking about how we can all make a difference.


  1. My parents have a friend who is really into rain barrels. I thought it was basically (1) get barrel and (2) collect rainwater. I didn't know it involved all sorts of filtration.

    I have a doggie kiddie pool that collects plenty of water, which I use for the garden. No complaints. I even use leftover bathwater, too (just water, no bubble baths). Still got way too many veggies to eat. This isn't even super eco friendly organic hippy stuff - just easy, day-to-day basics.

    Look forward to your news story!

  2. You rock! How awesome is that!

    So umm, can I bribe you to come work on my yard? *wink*

  3. Anonymous6/04/2009