Saturday, June 20, 2009

I swear I'd be a good housewife!

Well, maybe not but I sure would have a hell of a lot of fun.

Friday we went to spend the morning at the Fine Arts Museum, had lunch at a nearby diner and visited the thrift store. We came home for short naps and spent the evening out with friends at one of our local venues for free summer concerts. The jazz orchestra was playing...The kids got to play on the playground, go up the Carillon, catch toads and enjoy a picnic dinner...My idea of dinner is cheese, crackers and fruit with wine for adults and crystal light for the kids. Despite enjoying it all J and Candi whined about the lack of hot foot from Ukrops and visited the hot dog stand. lol

Today was busy too. My son, Riley the BT and I took my Dad with his 2 pups to the Boston Terrier Meet Up. I have never seen so many in one place and the excessive cuteness almost sent me into fits. They were so freakin cute and all were well behaved with one small exception...I was asked to move my car from the nursing home to the church parking lot by the organizer with an offer to watch the pups while I did so. I figured between her, my Dad and son they'd all be fine for 5 minutes.

When I came back what did I find? No, you can't guess. Really...Riley decided to get his swerve on with a little female there in heat and they were stuck together. No, the 20 adults, including the 2 that were actually supposed to be watching them, plus the female's owner, missed all this action. How? I have no clue. I told her the good news was that he was already neutered over a month ago. Come on...No one noticed what was going on? Really? hmmmm. This of course led to much discussion about how folks thought he couldn't get his groove on once they were fixed. And questions I didn't feel like answering from my son. When we got home he told J that Riley was "very attracted" to her. Um, yeah. That's it.

We hit the Vegetarian Festival after that...I had a good time as did the kids though I do advise against taking hard core meat eaters there. lol While I tried new things and sampled the other stuff I already knew and liked, J settled on a funnel cake. lol It was hot, there were tons of people and dogs, we saw the requisite juggler and 99.9% of us jumped in the jumpy house (Candi and I paid to jump with the kids).

When we got home we ordered Bar-B-Q (cause what else would they eat after going to a Vegetarian Fest, right?) and all enjoyed dinner and the pool...And a cake so good we call it crack cake! Thsoe who know Ukrops know what I'm talking about!

Miss Z has gone to a sleep over and we've got church, Pocahontas Water Park and a Cookout all lined up for tomorrow...I wish vacation would never end! :)


  1. Oh Riley, right there in front of everyone?

  2. Anonymous6/22/2009

    LOL nice, a new whole sex ed lesson for the youngsters. kinda shocked no one noticed.