Monday, June 29, 2009

Did you let Sprout out?

I yelled up the stairs to J...Z answered "Yes, he's a bad dog."
I went to her room to see what he may have done, only to find her just waking up.
I asked what he did and got a long explanation of Sprout stealing the wedding cake. I
'm not sure who was getting married but could totally picture him snagging a cake.
We agreed to let it slide this time since it only happened in her dreams.


  1. poor sprout. i bet he gets into enough on his own!!!

  2. I have often gotten angry at my partner for things she did in my dreams....

  3. So sweet. The picture is beautiful.

    When my little girl was about two, she woke up screaming at the dog one morning, because he "squished" her ball. It was all a dream.

  4. Thanks for the comliments, and yes, Sprout does manage to find enough trouble without help. lol

  5. Awww poor Sprout! Adorable picture. Great story :)