Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Ramblings

KJ is trying to plan a sleepover. There are some challenges there as he's booked up for the next 4 weekends in a row though perhaps he can get one scheduled while with his Dad...So Z wants one too.Her plan is to invite her best friend over so they can practice mermaid ballerina in the pool with water shoes on. The water shoes are an important detail, never mind that she does not own any. And she thought "maybe A's Mommy drinks beer too. Then our Mommies will be the same and you can sit under the tree and watch us."

She's graduating from JK in a couple weeks. Wow! Time flies when you are having fun! She explained to me that she needs to practice her lines because the teacher will not say them during the event. I asked her if she knew them (you see, the older sibs required actual practice.) She not only knows her lines but the lines of her friends too. I know this because she'd pipe up and say"I know W's line...." I know A's line..." and then she'd recite them for me. She is an amazing little girl.

And the boy grew 50 feet over the weekend! OK may be that's a slight exaggeration but I swear he's sprouted a good 3-4 inches this semester!

The hair bug bit...It's been about 4 months since I had a new hairstyle so I've been obsessing over it a bit in private. I successfully straightened it tonight! I've never tried removing a perm but it worked like a charm. Now I just need a trim which i scheduled for tomorrow, unless I cancel. Maybe I'll be shaggy on purpose for a short bit?

And a crazy way to start the day? In order to divert traffic from an accident at work security decided to lower the gate and divert traffic from one lane...we are lucky enough (and big enough) to have our own exit off the highway...So, security radioed to wherever to have the gate lowered but hadn't put out a cone, or gone to re-direct traffic and I merrily putted along the gates started coming down! I slammed on brakes, tires squealed a bit and I took out the gate. Good news is no damage to the car. Glad i have an SUV and while now I think it's funny I was pretty pissed this am!

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  1. I drink beer too! Don't forget me!