Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Pizzazzed!

That's what Z says now, but not the tune at all earlier. We made a trip to the dentist today...KJ had a crown on a baby tooth that "leaked" causing a new cavity underneath and requiring extraction. He went back on his own and handled it like the little man he is with just a bit of Novocaine.

Z? Not so much! She needed2 small fillings. They have enough experience with her to know this requires sedation. They drugged her up ad sent her to me in the lobby. When she started falling over from a sitting position on the floor I scooped her up. She said "this is fun medicine." "Mommy you have 4 eyes now." And while gazing at my chest that there were little blue men building houses in my bra. She was fascinated by the fan, and then they took her back.

They called me back for help before they even gave a Novocaine shot. She ended up with the sedation, strapped to a board and routinely spitting out the bite block they were using to try and hold her mouth open. She screamed, she cried, I got kicked in the chest. I felt like I should take the man out for a drink when he was done. Hell, I felt like I needed a drink!

We came home and she napped...Now she's up, dancing and begging for ice cream.


  1. You do owe the dentist a drink! What a crazy dentist adventure eh?

  2. I tell ya...they gotta bring back the days of laughing gas...that always did the trick for me!!