Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Baby!

Not the kind I give birth too - Thank God, though that in itself would be a miracle all it's own, possibly creating world fame and maybe some fortune. - Nonetheless, I have a new girl joining us us soon:

Cassidy, a white Boxer, was rescued from the Richmond Animal Shelter. She showed up as a stray and no one claimed her. She is completely deaf and was positive for hookworms, roundworms, heartworms and sarcoptic mange when she arrived at the shelter.

She has put on about 10 lbs in foster care, completed her mange treatments and is starting to regrow some of her hair. Shell be coming to my house to go through the heartworm treatment, work on her house training and be spayed. She will then be up for adoption.

We have not had her around cats yet. She's so gentle and submissive, though, I have a hard time thinking of her trying to hurt or even chase anything. She's very good with other dogs and has been out with Elvis this week. She just follows him around wherever he goes. They don't play....they just hang out together. She was a really bad barker when she arrived at her 1st foster home...They put the bark collar on her for 2 days and she's stopped completely. She doesn't wear it at all now and never barks. If she starts back up at our house we will borrow the collar. She hasn't been loose in the house at all because she's been contagious and it's doubtful she's housetrained...She still has accidents in the crate. Of course, she's been in the crate about 22 hours a day so that may improve dramatically now that she can be out of the crate more. Her last dose of Revolution was applied last night.

I'll update you all with pics soon! If you can contribute to Cassidy's heartworm treatments, or some of the other dogs in foster care with Richmond Boxer Rescue please go to or and click on the Donate link.


  1. My family used to breed boxers. They have a special place in my heart for sure!!!

  2. bless you lily....those dogs are so lucky to have you!

  3. Is this your first deaf dog? I'm considering a deaf Dane puppy. From what I've read, clicker training is pretty easy. I actually teach my Jack sign language already just because he needs the stimulation.

    I think white boxers are beautiful! My parents got us one as kids, but gave him up a few weeks later. (They're not dog people.)


  4. You are quite a woman. You should put yourself in one of those pictures!!

  5. What a wonderful thing you are doing. Sounds like she is making great progress and is well on her way to being fully recovered thanks to you.

  6. She is the first deaf one I've taken in but I think we'll do fine. We have regular routines here and my dogs know their commands without my speaking.

    I have been know to yell "Leave it" from across the room however and that won't work for her...maybe a stomp on the floor will. I'm educating myself though and will let you all know how it goes. Here's a link:

  7. Thanks Amy. I have very few. I'm usually behind the camera.

  8. You are an awesome person. As the mom of a child who is hearing impaired I appreciate what you're going thru with the dog. You rock :)

  9. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Not only are we from the same city, but I too foster dogs for RBR. My first foster was with Ring dog though. Small, small world!