Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the words of one of my friends...

Spring really is here. The ants are back, Rat-Bastards!
I'm open to ideas and suggestions as I have yet to win the war!
I really do like that phrase and don't get too many occasions where it really applies.


  1. I know there is an answer to this...I have to remember what the cure is...

  2. Maybe an exterminator. There are lots of remedies to try, but we had them so badly once that we finally gave in... if the F-bombs are flying you might already be to that point!!

  3. salt .. won't arm your dogs

  4. I am sure we have or will cross paths at some point. Ever been to a RBR/RDR halloween party? I try to help at the car washes too. I am having to back off on the fostering due to school, but try to volunteer when possible.

    Which dogs have you fostered? I fostered Luke for RDR, oh the stories he left me with...If I were part of the bloggy world back then he would have been the source of many blogs. But man I loved that dog and miss him!

  5. Oh yeah...the ants...

    my grandmother used to always put out Borax and sugar water. Not sure if borax is harmful to dogs... I find the little traps with poison work well. I just make sure to put them in places where the dogs can't get them.

  6. Anonymous4/23/2009

    Ants and little Ground Bees in my yard.

  7. Jess I think the cure is winter...I won't be wishing for that though.

    Squirty - I just got involved with RBR in December so I haven't made any parties yet and didn't know about car washes. Thus far Ive had Candy and her 2 babies as well as Jordan through my home and did the transport for Kilo. I also played host to Hilary, Abe, Kenndedy and Wilson. We had Frodo listed there too as a courtesy from DDB. He was here the longest. 4 months.

    Cassidy is supposed to come today. I haven't posted her pics because I want to show her on the mend a bit more before showing any "now" shots.

  8. Ahh we have crossed paths. I picked up candy and her babies when they were spayed and neutered.