Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I has the sweetest boys!

Moving backwards through time I thought I might say you might have sweet boys but mine are the bestest ever. ;)

I went back to work today, glad to have a job but missing my daily vacation naps, and my little boy cried for me all day. LOL. C & J told me Sprout cried and whined all day until I got home. He was undoubtedly happy to see me but I would not have expected him to cry. Guess he prefers vacation to the real world too.

I told the kids we had to go to bed on time last night because of the return to the real world. My girl broke down in tears wondering why spring break was over...Her brother pointed out her friends would miss her if she didn't go back. I reassured her summer would be here soon and she instantly brightened. The tears disappeared and she began talking of the pool, evenings on the deck and time with her Daddy. That's my girl, but really, that's my sweet, encouraging boy.

And my little man is awesome - See? I save the best for last. He told me this morning he is glad C is dating her new friend because even though she's mean he only wants a good boyfriend for his big sister...And when Z cried all the way home after being turned down for a sleepover with her her Auntie who had to be at work the next am he sang to her the whole way home! He made up a song like "it's ok. Don't cry. It will be alright. You will spend the night again, cause you're a good girl, and they love you. You're a good girl. You're a fun girl. You're a smart girl. And they love you."

That's why the dog is cool and the boy is freakin' awesome! He is so good to his sisters...who are generally mean to him.


  1. My brother was always a shit to me. If I wanted to hang out with the boys.... i had to be tough.

    I think my dog could give yours a run for their money....LOL

  2. Award at my place for ya!

  3. I didn't have any brothers but grew up in a neighborhood full of boys. We were always best friends and got into plenty of trouble and fun together.